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Hi and thanks for stopping by the WeMine.uk Faucet site. We hope you are already familiar with Crypto Currencies and Alternative Coins, but not to worry if you're completely new to the wonderful world of Digital Currency, as we are here to help and we even give you some free Alternative coins to either get you started, or help to top up your current reserves assuming of course you do actually collect and hold the coins our faucets drip.

Now for all the new comers to Crypto Currencies it is highly likely that you do not currently possess local desktop wallets. Should this be the case do not worry as it is very easy to get an online wallet for all Coins which are currently supported by the various Exchange sites, simply sign up with an exchange (examples above) it is advisable to use the two factor authentication when offered, then simply visit your wallets page within the Exchange to find your wallet address's for the coin you wish to collect.

I strongly advise any of you new comers to avoid these 2 sites like the plague, they dont respect our freedoms of speech thought or opinion, and attempt to control your speech and thought which is bang out of order and will cause the end of crypto, trickys out when all faucets run dry :( poloniex.com and bitcointalk.com

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